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[db022] + [db021] Princess : noisey circuit squelches improv

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[db022] Princess : Magic Keyboard


46 dusty keyboard improvisations.
"during my first visit to columbia, missouri, usa, we played music in my friend leo's living room. he has a portable keyboard that is truly unique. it seems dust & other age related artifacts have given it a special capacity to generate a great variety of tonal patterns. its unbelievable and is totally unpredictable. the entire experience of communicating with this magical device had a profound effect on me. leo offered me this, the magic keyboard, as i left. he saw how it meant so much to me.. but this album is all i needed. i hope to meet many more magical keyboards."

[db021] Princess : Purple Piano


18 noisey circuit squelches improvisations.
"purple piano : this synthesizer has belonged to my maternal grandparents since i was young. i discovered if one presses multiple buttons simultaneously it will eject a variety of noisey circuit squelches.this always entertains me, but not my relatives."

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