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[P36-034] PierrotheMoon - Air Bubble

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[P36-034] PierrotheMoon - Air Bubble (IDM, Dub, Experimental)


PierrotheMoon was first discovered on Electrobel.fr (an electronic music community). Then, he has been inviting by the team "FAST Collective" to play his first live (always available in the "Sous Tes Reins" archives). Thereafter, his talent as a composer was allowed to guest appearances on various compilations, including "TSS001" & "Different Artists Different Ideas" (The Studio Stereo), "The Box" (Peppermill Records), "Anatomy Of Break" & "Some Robots Like It Hot" (Electrobel NetLabel). Currently, he works on a ambient/electronica live with Louise Bronx.

This album is his first full-lenght release, so let you embark in his very own style!


01. Pumadadghju (2:36)
02. Tetchong (3:01)
03. Du Bout Des Doigts (4:12)
04. Mais Un Guelfling Vis-Je ? (6:36)
05. K+ (5:20)
06. Huggy Huggy (4:06)
07. Interlude (1:11)
08. Poopeedeepoo (3:36)
09. Pferdisch Man (3:00)
10. Eul Bolero D'Ravel - with Otist-Reading (2:37)
11. I Bakwa Ala Odowa (4:10)
12. Poridj (7:30)
13. Bramski (4:31)
14. Norm (2:47)

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