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[P36-001] Syndrôm - ...Finally Released

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Syndrôm - ...Finally Released
[P36-001] (Abstract, IDM, Drum & Bass)


01. Hello, We're Open! (1:31)
02. Dust /2172\ (3:55)
03. - Dusted - (2:18)
04. Noctambule / Casanier (3:41)
05. If They're Wrong... (1:38)
06. We Bless (Their Lost Souls) (6:25)
07. Sorry, We're Closed. (1:44)

Originally out as a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies on a blue 3" CDr, "...Finally Released" is now avalaible for free download... Enjoy!

Syndrôm was Born in France in 1978. He starts to making music at the age of 10 with hip hop during 5 years. Then he turns in Art Rock/Alternative Rock before to discover electronic music in 1996. He makes his first electronic tracks 2 years later oriented in downtempo. Now he produces electronica/IDM & sometimes Breakcore/Drill & Bass. He also write a lot of poems/texts.

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