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[CBR65] MAN:SHA Kakugo (Ep:X-perimental/Dark Ambient)

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[MAN:SHA] Kakugo/覚悟 _Dark Ambient/Experimental Ep (2011)
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_Track list:
01:Kin'mon (Forbidden door)
02:Ganshin (Eye's Spirit)
03:Shutensatsu (Immediate,without any suffering death)
O4:Keppuroku (Bloody Memory)

_ 覚悟"Kakugo" is an ancient concept found in the
japanese Bushido (Samourai's honour code)The
idea of this concept is that a samourai don't
have to be scared to risk his life if it is the
necessity."Kakugo" don't suggest violence,it's a
reflexion about death."Hagakure",the bushido's
bible tell that the samourai's way is in death.
Generally "Kakugo" tell us to think about death
and don't do honourless act in everyday life.


-Experiment electronics musiks as Dj & producer in
various styles such as: Breakcore, Noize, Ambient ...
-Play & Scream in the french electro/punk band called
"X-ternal Line Return" 2004/2007 (see CBR19)
-"COREBACKRECORDS" free Diy net-label administrator
since 2004.


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