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[Ongoing project] Dogmazic/Musique Libre currently being redefined (collective release to support)

décembre 2012 modifié dans Releases
Hello dear reader,

Dogmazic.net user known as username soja launched a project aiming at releasing a compilation or collective album that would be supporting Musique Libre ! volunteer organisation (registered as so according to the year 1901 French law), which is the publisher of the Dogmazic.net audio media and forum talk website.

Currently the "audio media" feature is on a break, it is expected to come back near end of January for listener access, and later for music upload.

Currently (December 25, 2012 AD) and for now (10:52am UTC+1) the only english language information is available through the third party project run by Clewn.org and named "A Concept Album", which provides a mean to communicate and transmit tracks for this compilation/collective album project.

For more English language information, the current web "place" to go is then http://clewn.org/audio/clewn/opt/hop/?album=A+Concept+Album

For more information, there is this thread in the Dogmazic.net forum, which is currently only featuring French language :


Dislclaimer : I run Clewn.org and cannot say it will remain online forever.

Nicolas "Shangri-l" Chartoire, Dec 25 2012. Licensing : This very message can be reproduced, without modification only, for any purpose, providing it is correctly stated where the original message starts and stop.

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