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mir26: d'incise - erratiques éraflures

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d'incise - erratiques éraflures
d'incise is back with another back of sonic adventures, this time it's a full length albums worth. The songs on "erratiques éraflures" were composed when d'incise where moving between Switzerland and Poland. This time he relies more on field recordings than before and it's noticeable.

In the words of d'incise himself:
Few of the tracks are based on fieldsrecordings, two friends trying to repare a bicylcle in "petite pologne perçue comme ça", cars klaxons and street screams recorded from my window during the 20 minutes after the world cup end, and directly processed during the night in "la beauté des cons", some recording made in China by my friend Gayo, form AUDIOACTIVITY in "le point d'expolsion de l'idéologie" and "je ne suis pas en chine moi contrairement à vous".
Some others are more "conceptual" like "opérations multiples pour séquence d'imprimante" construct and strucured with and around a printer starting sequence, "ad infinitum" and "mon lecteur est joueur" where I experiment with cheating an audio software changing the waves files names during the process.
The opening track "torpeur ou la voyageuse encore absente" was made in the hot summer, waiting for a friend, in a floating mood.
"retrouver ses geraniums" is an automnal piece, inflenced by contemporary orchestral composers, I was back to the walls and flowers I always lived with.




et un peu de teasing:

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