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Podcast looking for independent artists to feature

TuneDose is prod to announce the lauch of its new weekly podcast.

Each week we publish a new episode featuring a track of passionate music from the independent scene: we want to spread wonderful tunes, getting our public to listen and discover new artists a small dose a time.

We are currently looking for independent artists to feature.
If you're interested and would like to submit a track, get in touch at tunedose.com

We're impatient to hear your tunes!


  • Hi TuneDose,

    I noticed some very interesting points on your website. Most notably, that you indicate the licensing scheme selected by the artist(s) for each song you feature.

    So then, and since your website is non-commercial, you can just pick up any song you like as long as it's open licensed and feature it... But you are probably already aware of this.

    It happen that, outside the fact that I am myself a musician, I also run a small webradio that broadcasts only music that is not registered to any collective right collection society that would ask for exclusive right management. This way I can ask the artist a grant to broadcast and do so free of charge. No need to say, more than about 95% of the music broadcasted by the radio is open-licensed.

    I noticed a thing that may be useful to you. Even by stressing a bit on this, I never had any artists contacting me in order to be broadcasted by the radio. There's simply too many oportunities to be on some services for the artists nowadays.

    But, a contrario, I also noticed than when I find an artist that I like and ask him/her if she/he wishes to have his/her work featured by my radio, in almost any case the answer is 'yes'. Providing you make the first step and contact the artist, you can get very positive feedback. Naturally, this implies a bit more work, but I humbly think this is worthing it.

    So then, what I would suggest to you, is to wander the www looking for artists you like, and then contact them to tell that you are going to feature their tracks - this way, they can spread the word about your podcast to their friends and fans, which is probably a good thing.

    By the way, if you wish to feature any of my open-licensed tracks, you are absolutely welcome. You can get any of them, including flac lossless format trough BitTorrent here :


    Excepting two albums that are currently being produced with only a few tracks published on Dogmazic, and two live videos for which I still did not extract the audio.

    Have a nice day, and best wishes for your podcast, such things are totally great, people involving themselves in such projects deserve a big "good luck".
  • Thank you for your advice Shangril, I'll follow it for sure!

    I'm downloading your tracks right now, gonna listen as soon as possible.
  • Hello tunedose,

    Thank you very much for the answer and for listening to my "work"... But anyway my songs are probably too much special to be featured on your podcast, unless you want to include very experimental things.

    Have a nice day !

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