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Début album - Sir. O [iii]

novembre -1 modifié dans !I've done it myself!
3rd single released by Sir. O from the album "Forever Plus a Day",
called "Someone your're thinking of" -

In case you missed the last 2 singles (Music Video) here they are again:

Stay - It's all about timing....

Three Words ....

Author of "Forever Plus a Day": Saar Oron, 2012. Copyleft: you can copy, distribute songs & videos as is (no modifications).

Please SHARE if you like it ...


  • a_oron écrit:
    Please SHARE if you like it ...

    Please, help us to SHARE it by using creative commons or free art licence !!
  • I edit the previous & added "Copyleft" statement. Hope it make it easy to share now

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