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News for english speaking people - November 2013

novembre 2013 modifié dans Dogmazic's life

Since you probably noticed, the Dogmazic archive is no longer online while the site is in a work in progress state, migrating to its third version. 

The second version had got unmaintained for many years, many things were broken that no one was able to fix. By documenting the code of the third version, Tumulte, who's a board member in the nonprofit organisation and the main and only coder, hopes that Dogmazic V3 will remain maintanable even if he had to leave. An alpha version is online for the currently done work, it currently supports music upload and is available at http://dogmazic.net/alpha but THE WHOLE OLD ARCHIVE HASN'T STILL BEEN IMPORTED IN IT. It is currently in test phase for its core features, bugs are reported by a team of volunteer testers through GitHub and there's currently no date for a public, general release. Please note that for now, the alpha version use a different account that your dogmazic.net account, and that you'll have to create an alpha account if you wish to contribute testing it. 

On the Musique Libre ! side, the volunteer organisation will set up its annual general meeting in Lyon on November 22, you can use irc channel #dogmazic on Freenode irc network to participate from far. The thing starts at 19:00 Paris Timezone (7PM, UTC+1).

To have the ability to vote as a member for this year's meeting, remember to pay, if you haven't already done so sooner this year, your annual member fee with the donate feature (the little plus next to "soutenir" in the main site menu will lead you to a Paypal donate page). The annual member fee is of 10 euros. 

The partnership with Pragmazic is probably about to reach its end. It is possible that by January, the Dogmazic music has disapeared from the Pragmazic free music listening endpoints that are located in public libraries. 

That's all for the recent news. Feel free to ask any question in English, I'll be happy to seek a reply from the board or to reply myself if I can do so. 

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