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Prepare the garlic and pray for your soul... The NIGHTCHILD are back with a new album

I discovered The NIGHTCHILD, one of the best currently active band in my not so humble opinion, back in the beginning of this decade, because they used to work with AF Music, which published their albums in the Dogmazic archive :


"Closer" is probably one of my top 5 favourite songs of all times. Well, they are back on today, dec 31 2017, to prepare their 15th year of existence with a new album, which is, naturally (with this band) a masterpiece.

I just wrote a review here :


Please note that the album, while open licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) is currently available for a few bucks on Bandcamp. But it's worth the price I think.

Shangril, former rock critic blogger with underketing ; still reviewing albums as underketing ^^
(please feel free to write your own review for this release or any other else. I put Clewn Netaudio Lovers online as a place to review, rate, and discover lesser known music. For now I'm the only one contributing but the platform is open to anyone willing to participate (anonymous posting is permitted and no account is needed)... If you're inclined to do so...)


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