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earS093 : 3つの景観7

Welcome on board for this new volume of 3priiises with Jan Eerala, World Listener & Felix Blume for a trip between Finland, India and Americas. A mystic trip starting on drowsy old Ice and finishing in Maya's ruins of Palenque.
3 priiises V/A project come back with the 7th volume, this project started in 2007 as a field recorders samplers.

Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Topics field recordings, phonography, mystic trip, Jan Eerala, World Listener, Felix Blume

others volumes are still available here :

3Pr(iii) ses: earS016 : https://archive.org/details/earsheltering016
3Pr(iii)2ses: earS045 : https://archive.org/details/earsheltering045
3Pr(iii)3ses: earS052 : https://archive.org/details/earsheltering052
3Pr(iii)4ses: earS059 : https://archive.org/details/earsheltering059
3Pr(iii)5ses: earS068 : https://archive.org/details/earsheltering068
3Pr(iii)6ses: earS083 : https://archive.org/details/earsheltering083
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