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AG de la C3S

mai 2021 modifié dans Economie de la musique
Je vous recopie ici un message de la C3S.

Dear member

the administrative board of the

CulturalCommons Collecting Society SCE
mit beschränkter Haftung
- C3S SCE -
Rochusstr. 44
40479 Düsseldorf

invites you to the 7th statutory general assembly, according to § 13 of
the articles of association of the C3S SCE [1], between the 25th of May
and the 27th of June 2021.

**************************** Important ******************************
This year's Annual General Assembly will again be held electronically via
a mailing list. You will therefore get several emails from us in June.
If you do not want this, you can inform us that you will not participate
in the discussion phase of the electronic General Assembly (opt-out
Please click on the link at the bottom of this email and follow the
instructions there to unsubscribe from the FAQ reply email. However,
for the sake of order, you will have to be invited to vote again.

The focus of this year's General Assembly will be the by-election of
a vacant seat on the vacant seat on the Board of Directors and the
business plan. We have been working on the business plan since the
end of last year in order to be able to officially start work as a
collecting society with the updated live tariff. In addition, we would
like to present the current status of our statutes, which, with the
instrument of the "Commission for Perception Matters", should solve
the non-member participation problem once and for all. An update of
the distribution plan will also be discussed.

Other regular items on the agenda:
- The activity reports of the managing directors, the
administrative board, and the committees, as well as the audit
report of the cooperative audit association (see landing page)
- Discharge of the GfDs and the administrative board
- Approval of the annual financial statement
- Resolution of the provisional membership dues regulations for a
further year

Timing of the General Assembly

25.05.: Invitation to the 8th Annual General Assembly with
link to the Assembly website with all necessary
resources such as the reports of the different C3S bodies
25.05. - 20.06.: Discussion phase of the General Assembly
All questions can be sent by email to office@c3s.cc
06.06.: 1. FAQ-mail of the cooperative bodies
13.06.: 2. FAQ-mail of the cooperative bodies
20.06.: 3. FAQ-mail of the cooperative bodies &
definition of the draft resolutions
20.06. - 27.06.: Voting phase of the General Assembly
27.06. 15:00: Voting end online form with subsequent counting

As we did last year, the general assembly is not held on a fixed
date, but over a period of time again. Two phases apply:
First, you can consult the reports of the institutions on the landing
page to satisfy your information rights. To exercise your right to
ask questions, you can send all questions, motions for resolutions
and requests to speak by e-mail to office@c3s.cc. We regularly summarise
the questions in an FAQ circular and answer them. Requests to speak will
also be published and, if necessary, commented on by us.

At the end of this phase, resolutions are proposed and made available
for voting on the survey tool you are already familiar with.
You will receive your personal voting link.
On the page the discussion will be summarized again and then you can
vote on the individual resolutions.
On 27.06. at 15:00 o'clock the voting will be closed and the result will
be counted.

As an alternative to online voting, you can also vote by mail.
Please send us an email or letter by 18.06.2021 so that we can exclude
you from the online survey in time. You will then receive a form for the
resolutions on the landing page as a postal voting card.

Of course we would much rather sit with you and all other members in one
room, discuss and plan our future together. Unfortunately this is not
possible at the moment, but we would still like to make a full General
Assembly possible.

Organizational issues

Participation in the general assembly is limited to members.
Only regular members are entitled to vote.

Chairmanship of the meeting
Stephan Fritzsche will chair the meeting.
If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact

Why is it important that you participate?
The general assembly is the body that takes the fundamental decisions
for the C3S. (You are the general assembly, together with the other

In parallel to the current general assembly, we will also be calling
for participation in another survey, which is aimed at regular
members. It is intended to collect data that is important for
finalizing the business plan, and will provide a brief update on our
repertoire survey of 2018.

That's all! We are looking forward to you and your ideas!

For and on behalf of the administrative board of the C3S SCE
Stephan Fritzsche - chairperson of the board of directors

The administrative board of the C3S SCE consists of:

Stephan Fritzsche, chairperson of the administrative board
Thomas Mielke, deputy chairperson of the administrative board

Other members:
* Oliver Dietle
* m.eik michalke
* Johanna Breuckmann
* Christoph Scheid
* Elmar Schuck


[1] Articles of Association of C3S SCE:

:::::::::::::::::: I sustain C3S! ::::::::::::::::::
::: :::
::: unterstütze uns mit einem förderbeitrag: :::
::: https://sustain.c3s.cc :::
::: :::

C3S SCE : Cultural Commons Collecting Society
: SCE mit beschränkter haftung
: rochusstraße 44 : 40479 düsseldorf : germany
: https://C3S.cc
m.eik michalke : geschäftsführende direktoren
sarah stoffels :
stephan fritzsche : vorsitzender des verwaltungsrates
GnR 506 : genossenschaftsregister AG düsseldorf
USt-ID : DE294690528

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