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novembre -1 modifié dans I bloody love it
Few posts at Songs to the sirens blog. Give it a look. I'll update if there is anything interesting. Also comment if you want some particular posts. I am wee bit slow these day, there is a backlog of posts I need to make.

But hey... I like it cloggy... :D (I have plenty of catching up on accoustic and psych-rock)

I am trying to fit a nice IDM, dark ambient, noteable electronica into a post. but It'll be a long way out, since I have yet to post slowcore/post rock/psych folks posts... so no promise. But give me a yell anyway...

The posts that is pretty interesting :

“I lost You”
Various mix of Jazz, strange posts rock and folks. (Alamaailman Vasarat, Scott Amendola Band)

"Sweets for the wild 2" (Album release announcement from another record, accoustic, folks/post rockcompilation from friends and fellow artists. Spread the words)

"Tuesday Lunch"
Series of noon/lunch time music, every Tuesday. Mix of stuff, jazz, odd IDM, pop, rocks, etc.

The Dead Science (short review, xiu-xiu gone mad, excellent group)

Jenny Scheinman (short review, avant jazz/rock)

emission songs to the sirens #4 (Podcast, hard psych folks.)

Master of War (song list. Master of war cover, songwriter/folks)

half asleep (Album release post, you can download the entire album. pretty nice slowcore artist)

Don't forget to comment if you see something bad or nice...
I need some input..


  • Hey thanks squashed for the shortcuts, there's plenty to look for in there...
  • okay.

    hope it was fun for you too. My short stint as songs to the sirens contributor just ends.

    have a nice weekend peeps. Keep the world cheerfull.

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